05 juillet 2007

Pamela Stanford - Eroscore n° 3 (05/1975)

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Anonyme a dit…

Great blog !
Name of the mag is "Eroscore" and not Eroscope.
The best serie is the first which was published in the middle of the 70's. Then there was a new serie called "Score".

Anonyme a dit…

Interesting to see Pamela Stanford credited for those films with Verneuil, Clement, Lelouch and Melville. The imdb doesn't mention her in any of those 4. Ok, she might have used a different name, but there doesn't seem to be any name common to them.

Clifford Brown a dit…

@ tubbytoast: of course the name of the mag is Eroscore, sorry for the mispelling!

@Tom: She may have used her real name for Un Flic and Le Casse? I haven't seen those films since such a long time so I couldn't tell...

scott a dit…

great blog!! pamela stanford is a favorite!! thank you!

Robert Monell a dit…

Terrific blog here! Does anyone know what happened to Pamela Stanford after 1980. I can't find any credits or information about her after the Franco Cannibal film and CANNIBAL TERROR. I was wondering if she was still alive/working?

Robert Monell

sexy a dit…